Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Top Wooden Radio Flyer Bike

For small children, wooden radio flyer bike is something unforgettable. Wooden radio flyer bike is one of the colors of their tiny happy world. We also have the memory of riding the wooden radio flyer bike when we were young. Wooden radio flyer bike is also one of the best products of radio flyer that always use the best material for their product and keep the safest feature for the customers. And if you want to buy the wooden radio flyer bike, here are some top lists of the wooden radio flyer bike you can pick.

Wooden radio flyer bike classic lights and sound
Radio flyer has become very well known for producing great interactive dashboard called light and sound dash. The dash is very popular with toddlers, it has blinking turn signals, can play music and the horn can honk. This wooden radio flyer bike product comes in two colors which are red and pink and has durable metal frame with real rubber tires so the riding experience for your children will feel smooth. And the weight is also very light thus your children can move it around without much difficulty.

Classic wooden radio flyer bike of classic red with push handle
The classic red with push handle is one classic wooden radio flyer bike 10” with retro design. It is made of sturdy metal with real rubber tires. This wooden radio flyer bike is very suitable for small children since it has low center of gravity that makes it easier to be ridden by small kids. Also it has push handle that will make parents easier to accompany their children to play. If your children have never ridden a bike before, this push handle can make you determine the speed and direction while your children are adjusting to the pedals.

Classic dual deck
If you search for the most similar product to the original wooden radio flyer bike, then the answer is the classic dual deck. The red and white icon comes complete with the red and white tassels off of the handlebars and also the chrome bells any kids will love. But this one is a little taller, about 12”.

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